Why do draw drivers slice?

Why do draw drivers slice?

One feature common to most draw drivers is that the majority of the weight in the club head is in the heel, allowing a golfer to rotate the club face back to square at impact easier. Designers know the two main causes of the slice are an open club face at impact and an out-to-in/over the top swing.

What should you look for in a draw driver?

Total head weight is also a consideration for draw drivers. Some manufacturers promote a lighter head in their draw drivers, which helps generally with club head speed at impact, aiding in getting greater distance with a slice-corrected shot.

What is a draw driver?

A round-ruining, gravity defying left-to-right missile that seems preternaturally attracted to trees has created an industry within golf. Quite a few club manufacturers offer "draw drivers" in a range of configurations designed to combat chronic slicing and help players keep their tee shots in play.

What is a draw biased driver and should I use one?

A draw-biased driver will help the club face square up NATURALLY, without you having to think about anything. You still need to learn how to properly release the club through impact, though…. draw biased drivers just make the job easier. That’s it.