How long does a hole have to be for a par?

How long does a hole have to be for a par?

There aren’t official rules about how long a hole has to be to be called a par 3, 4 or 5, but governing bodies have published guidelines for the length of holes and par ratings . For 18 holes of golf, the par is the total number of strokes an expert golfer is expected to require to complete the course.

What is the average pars on an 18-hole golf course?

I’ve personally played “full sized” 18 hole golf courses with pars that range from 68 to 73. It’s essentially based on both the overall length of the course, and the combination of how many par 3, 4, and 5 holes on the course.

What is a good par score for a beginner in golf?

A good par score for a beginner is scoring a bogey on every single hole! This is also known as scoring above par. In the case of a par 72 course, that means it would take you 6 shots to sink each hole. That would result in a total of 108 strokes for a standard 18 hole course.

What is the par of a golf course?

The par of a golf course or group of holes (like the back 9 or front 9 holes) is the sum of par for every hole in the group. Par on full-sizes 18-hole golf courses is usually in the range of 69 to 73.