What are the best Chipping drills for beginners?

What are the best Chipping drills for beginners?

Chipping Drills 1 Best Golf Drills to Improve your Chipping Game. No matter how well you hit the ball there are times during your golf round where you will miss the green and … 2 Consistent Strike Chipping Drill. … 3 Putt your Chip Drill. … 4 Chip Within 3 Feet Drill. … 5 Bump and Run Drill. … 6 Hinge and Hold Drill. …

How do I perform a golf chipping drill?

To perform this golf chipping drill, grip the club normally, but slide an alignment stick next to your arm so that it extends past the end of the club. Now hit various chip shots – the alignment stick should rest against your arm throughout.

How do you practice chipping with a putter?

Practice Chipping and Putting Them Out This chipping drill takes place around the practice putting green and will require the wedge you use for chipping and your putter. It will train you to live with the consequence of a bad chip and will let you experience the reward of chipping the ball to within gimme range of the hole.

What are the best golf chipping tips for beginners?

This chipping drill provides instant feedback on the quality of your shots. Try different types of shots (bump-n-runs, flop shots, etc). Which one is more consistently finishing inside the “hula hoop”? This golf chipping tip will also help you learn the best time to hit different types of chip shots. 2. Chip-a-Coin Chipping Drill