What is the cheapest way to travel with golf clubs?

What is the cheapest way to travel with golf clubs?

Luckily, Ship Sticks offers the cheapest alternative to traveling with your clubs. With two size options to choose from, you’re able to select the cheapest option that best accommodates your needs.

Can You ship golf clubs through Priority Mail?

Even the Priority Mail Express service, as well as the Priority Mailboxes, are ideal for shipping golf clubs if they fit in perfectly. But again, if you want to ship using these boxes, then you should make use of those corresponding services alone.

Why Ship Sticks for your golf clubs?

Even though Ship Sticks is partnered with FedEx, UPS, and DHL, shipping directly through one of the major carriers isn’t cheap. With affordable rates and unmatched convenience, Ship Sticks the most reliable and cheapest alternative to checking bags. As a company of golfers, we understand first-hand just how valuable your golf clubs are.

How do I ship my golf clubs?

At Ship Sticks, we make getting your golf clubs to and from your destination easier than it’s ever been – allowing you to enjoy a hassle-free travel experience to anywhere in the world. 1. Schedule onlineSchedule your shipment using our Ship Page. 2. Print & attachPrint & attach your shipping labels to the correct bags.