How does Topgolf's Toptracer technology work?

How does Topgolf’s Toptracer technology work?

Which also means we can’t get into the details of how it actually works. Topgolf venues are also adding Toptracer technology, allowing you to see a real-time trace of your ball’s flight path as well as insights into speed, distance, angle and accuracy.

Can You track a golf ball with GPS?

These GPS golf balls could be tracked via your mobile devices. In such a golf ball, an RFID tracking chip will be embedded. The chip is so minuscule that it does not affect the ball’s performance. The RFID Chip in the golf ball will send radiofrequency waves to your mobile device. As you get closer to the ball, you’ll hear a beeping sound.

How do Topgolf golf balls work?

Topgolf golf balls are all equipped with a unique RFID (radio frequency identification) chip. When you wave you golf club over the sensor to get another golf ball, the hitting bay connects the RFID tag in that next golf ball to your bay.

How does a golf ball tracking system work?

A golf ball tracking system that includes at least one golf ball with an RFID device that provides information like a distinct identification. The system contains an RFID reader that can read the data from the RFID chip embedded in the golf ball.