Who is Ramram golf?

Who is Ramram golf?

Ram Golf initially began as Sportman’s Golf after the end of World War II. The Hansberger brothers, Al, Bob, Lyle, and Jim, converted a tool and die shop into a golf equipment production unit on the west side of Chicago.

What happened to the Ram Golf Company?

The company split into two entities, branded as the Ram Golf Club Company and Ram Tour Balls. While the manufacturing of golf equipment still exists in the Chicago suburb to this day, the club unit was sold to Tommy Armour.

Does Tommy Armour own RAM golf clubs?

Regardless, Tommy Armour owns the Ram Golf Clubs Company and is responsible for producing its products. Other parts of the company are now branded as a subsidiary of other corporations as well.

Who makes Ram Golf Golf Clubs?

However, in 1947, MacGregor sold his company to the Hansbergers. As Sportsman’s Golf, the company kept producing clubs under the brand names Bristol and Kroydon. It took nearly twenty years for the company to rebrand itself as Ram Golf.