Why join Club Fitness?

Why join Club Fitness?

"Club Fitness is my second home, and it is always a positive vibe there. I rarely have to wait for equipment, and the staff is nice and friendly." #LiftLocal & Join the Club Today! We are the gym that makes fitness totally accessible to every BODY.

What to wear to casual clubbing?

Casual clubbing is a part of everyone’s life, be it for Friday after work sessions, Saturday party mood or pre Monday stress. We all want to head to the club and clear off our heads for a while. For days like this wear a polo tee shirt along with jeans and black sneakers.

What is club fit?

For over 15 years, Club Fit has been at the forefront in innovations and programming for the older adult. Club Fit was designed for the individual who falls outside the normal boundaries of a fitness center. Our goal is to provide a solution for the 55+ population that is looking to improve their quality of life.

How do I order club fit?

Email [email protected] order Our story Club Fit was founded in 2005 by Philip Stotter, Clinical Physiologist. After years working in rehabilitation for two major health systems, he realized there was a glaring need in health care for older adults.