How to organize a successful golf event?

How to organize a successful golf event?

The quality of prizes, determine the quality of your event. Give them quality merchandise. Try to trade with sponsors. Prizes include: Tee Package – Given to the golfers when they arrive Contest Prizes, Winner Prizes, Raffle Items, Auction Items.

How can I make money by hosting a golf tournament?

Lucky for you, there’s quite a few built in money-making opportunities when hosting a golf tournament, you just have to utilize them correctly. Some of these include: Golfer Registration Fees – No free events! Extra Contests – The main tournament doesn’t have to be the only event! Golfers love games, and you can charge extra for them

How to set up a golf tournament?

Steps 1 Set a tentative date to hold your event. Include a secondary date in case of rain the day of the event and you cannot play. 2 Contact a golf course. Make sure to sign a contract with the course so you know what to expect when it comes to fees and what the course will … 3 Create a golf tournament-planning folder. … More items…

How to run a charity golf tournament?

How to Run a Charity Golf Tournament: Free Updated Checklist. 1 Set your goals. Set achievable goals for your organization. Setting goals with specific numerical targets is a great way to keep your fundraising team … 2 Choose your venue and schedule a date. 3 Secure sponsors. 4 Market your golf fundraiser. 5 Open up registration.