What to look for in a golf Chipper club?

What to look for in a golf Chipper club?

The most important aspects to look for in golf chippers are their loft and their fit for your game. Remember this is a club that you probably won’t take a full swing wit h. Use it around the greens for shorter shots and choose something with enough loft to hit a bump and run type shot.

What is the best golf Chipper for Chipping?

Using a wedge on chips around the greens makes mid and high handicap golfers yippy and scared. But with one of the best golf chippers you can be sure to get the golf ball jumping and rolling in a very simple movement. Stress-free. Cleveland Smart Sole C Wedge Chipper (best for anything inside 80 yards)

What is the best club for Chipping?

One way to improve your chipping is to make sure you’re using the correct club for the right situation. As a general rule, the best clubs to use when chipping are your lob wedges. However, you might find certain scenarios where a sand wedge, a gap wedge, or maybe even a driver might come in handy.

Are Wilson Golf Chipper clubs good?

Wilson is a recognized leader in the sporting good and has been around since 1914. Its history of producing high-performance clubs is continued in the Wilson Harmonized Golf Chipper. It will benefit golfers that struggle to get a chip near the hole.