How do I play golf on my Apple Watch?

How do I play golf on my Apple Watch?

Once you have your app downloaded and installed on your Apple Watch, it is extremely easy and intuitive to use. Simply open the app to get started and play your game. Each time you hit the ball, you can lift your wrist to view your data.

Can you use an Apple Watch as a golf swing analyzer?

No, you are using your Apple Watch and a golf swing analyzer (among many other golfing apps). Apple Watches have come a long way since they were first released and are great for pairing with golf. Not only do they have an app for everything golf related, but they also fit innocuously on your wrist and do not get in the way.

Do you have any problems with the Apple Watch golf shot?

I had one big problem with the Golf Shot and that was the yardages on the apple watch. This was only on some holes to be fair but it was a little annoying. The centre of the green sometimes wasn’t the centre of the green if you get me. The line in middle of the green (see below example) was way to the front.

Do Apple Watches work with Golf GPS?

Since Apple Watches (SP) now have built in GPS technology, they can now work the same way that some of the best golf GPS watches work. All you need to do is download a Golf GPS App for your Apple watch. Is the Apple Watch Good for Golf?