Should you buy headcovers for your golf irons?

Should you buy headcovers for your golf irons?

When you buy a new set of golf irons, it’s very rare that they come with headcovers. But you probably paid a pretty penny for those clubs (golf equipment isn’t inexpensive), so it’s a good move to protect your investment.

What to look for when buying a new iron cover?

As such read the product specifications properly to see how many covers come with the set. Strength – The whole point of iron covers is to protect your irons underneath so they need to be well made, and strong enough to deal with the movement in the golf bag.

What are the best golf iron covers?

Some of the best golf irons deserve some of the best golf iron covers, and Callaway tends to deliver high-quality products. . Add some patriotic flair to your golf bags with the Craftsman iron covers, which come in a set of 10 (4 through 9 irons, approach, lob, sand, and pitching wedges).