Who is Dick Ferris and why should you care?

Who is Dick Ferris and why should you care?

Which gets us to Dick Ferris of Chicago, Orlando — and the Pebble Beach Golf Links (to complete this visit to a trio of anybody-can-play-’em major venues in the Golden State). Ferris is a former CEO of United and a former chairman of the PGA Tour board. He was close to Arnold Palmer. He has impacted your life more than you might know.

What did Dick Ferris do for the PGA?

Prior to Dick Ferris assuming the role as PGA TOUR Policy Board Chair, the former United Airlines CEO learned that the group’s quarterly meetings were typically all-day affairs, sometimes carrying over to the next day. That wasn’t something Ferris, a skilled businessman who valued efficiency, could abide.

What happened to Dick Ferris?

Dick Ferris, talks to fellow Pebble Beach co-owner Arnold Palmer ahead of the Wal-Mart First Tee Open at Pebble Beach Golf Links in 2005. Ferris passed away on Sunday due to complications from ALS at age 85.

What did Dick Ferris do for Pebble Beach?

That last item is the biggest thing Dick Ferris did for us. He helped Pebble Beach reclaim its place as the ultimate American bucket-list golf resort. In 2027, the U.S. Open will return to Pebble, as it must. Talk about prime-time and center stage. The Open at Pebble. For 20 years, starting in 1979, Pebble Beach had a series of owners.