What is the best lens color for reading greens?

What is the best lens color for reading greens?

A green lens enhances the color balance while a lighter or medium grey lens is most suitable to overcast days. Yellow lenses are superb for contrast and depth perception but not ideal for reading the greens. Red lenses distort colors quite a lot but provide good contrast and highlight red and yellows in the green which is a great aid for putting.

What are the best iridium golf sunglasses?

Oakley Flak Jacket 03-905 Iridium. Overall, the Oakley Flak Jacket Iridium Sunglasses are one of the best pairs of golf sunglasses ever, and are comfortable, stylish, functional and lightweight. In short, a fantastic pair of golf sunglasses.

Can you wear prescription sunglasses on the golf course?

Many people make use of prescription sunglasses and the good news is that many manufacturers offer golf sunglasses with prescription lenses as well. Sporty design sunglasses could look awesome on the golf course but not appear at its best when worn away from a sporting event.

How to choose the best sunglasses for golfing?

High-quality lenses are an essential part of your sunglasses as that is the part that will provide you with the clarity of vision on the fairways as well as the greens. There are cheap lenses available from various convenience stores that will protect you against UVA and UVB rays but not provide the view required for golf.