What does a solenoid do in a golf cart motor?

What does a solenoid do in a golf cart motor?

For a gas golf cart, the function of the solenoid in a golf cart motor is to use a small amount of electricity (made possible by turning on the ignition switch) to close two heavy-duty contacts that are needed to get the starter turning over. It also functions in the same way with an electric golf cart.

Where is the starter solenoid on a golf cart?

On some models of golf carts, the starter is also the alternator and acts to charge the battery as the cart is driven. In all golf carts, new and old, the solenoids can be found under the seat or in the engine well and are easily identifiable by the wires that lead to them.

How do I know if my golf cart solenoid is bad?

Understanding what a solenoid is in a golf cart is vital for troubleshooting and repair. The common symptom of a bad solenoid is no clicks when the cart’s ignition is on and you press the accelerator. How do you test for a bad solenoid in your golf cart? First, follow these steps:

How much does it cost to replace a solenoid on a golf cart?

Ok, you have determined that you need to replace the solenoid. Many places carry replacements, like Amazon and eBay and run anywhere from $12 to $57 depending on the type. When you look for a replacement online, always have the make, model and year of your golf cart handy.