What are the rules for dropping a golf ball?

What are the rules for dropping a golf ball?

Pursuant to Rule 25-2, the golfer may lift and clean the ball, then may drop it without penalty in a playable location. The ball must be dropped as near to the original location as possible, but not nearer to the hole. Rule 20-2a explains how the drop is executed. The drop must be made by the player who hit the shot.

What happens if you drop a golf ball out of bounds?

As a general rule, if the ball is in a hazard or is out of bounds, the player is assessed a penalty stroke for taking the drop. If the ball arrives in unplayable ground through no fault of the golfer he’s frequently granted relief and is not assessed a penalty.

Where can I drop my golf ball?

Where Can I Drop It? When taking free relief under the Rules from an immovable obstruction (Rule 24-2), an abnormal ground condition (Rule 25-1) or a wrong putting green (Rule 25-3), the ball must be dropped within one club-length of the “nearest point of relief”.

What is a drop zone in golf?

What are they: A drop zone is an area designated by the Committee in which a player may or must drop a ball when the Committee in charge of the course “considers that it is not feasible or practicable” for a player to proceed under a Rule.