What is a low spin driver shaft?

What is a low spin driver shaft?

This is a low spin driver shaft with a highly responsive tip section which helps to increase the swing speed and the draw bias. We mentioned >stability and controlled spin and that is achieved by the low torque which adds on more stiff feel.

What is the torque of a flex shaft?

The torque of the regular-flex shafts is just 3.2 degrees, while the low kick point results into high launch angle. Compared to the Blue Series, the Red Series is designed for golfers that have a stronger swing speed who are looking for low speed and penetrating trajectories.

Why do low torque shafts hurt my swing speed?

[i]Golfers with moderate swing speeds or smooth tempos don”t generate as much force as their faster counterparts. For these golfers a low torque shaft will tend to lead forward at impact and may not let the clubhead rotate enough to provide the kick they need to get extra distance.

What is the difference between high and low torque shafts?

A higher rating produces a softer than a low rating. A low ball flight is produced by low torques and it increases as the torque increases. Finding the best driver shaft for high swing speed requires less torque shafts, whilst slower swingers and slicers require more torque.