How many majors has Tiger Woods won in a row?

How many majors has Tiger Woods won in a row?

Records and trivia. Woods is the second player to have won the career grand slam three times along with Jack Nicklaus. Woods is the only professional golfer to win four majors in a row. The last: Masters (2005), US Open (2000), Open Championship (2005), and PGA (2000), Jack Nicklaus played in; were all won by Tiger Woods.

What are some of Tiger Woods’statistics?

This page details statistics, records, and other achievements pertaining to Tiger Woods . Woods has won 82 official PGA Tour events, tied with Sam Snead also 82, and nine ahead of Jack Nicklaus ‘s 73 wins. (See List of golfers with most PGA Tour wins .) Woods has won 15 majors, second all time behind Jack Nicklaus’ 18.

Why is Tiger Woods so famous?

Woods is widely regarded as one of the greatest golfers of all time and one of the most famous athletes in the world. He was elected to the World Golf Hall of Fame. Following an outstanding junior, college, and amateur golf career, Woods turned professional in 1996 at the age of 20.

Will Tiger Woods ever surpass Jack Nicklaus for most majors?

Although that win came a couple years after his global ranking dipped as low as 1,119th, CBS News speculated in December 2020 that Woods would never surpass Nicklaus for the most majors in the history of the sport. It gave three reasons for his inability to do so, his age and injuries playing major roles in that unlikelihood.