Should you buy the Srixon 355 Series driver?

Should you buy the Srixon 355 Series driver?

While Srixon’s 355 Series may be mostly targeted towards game improvers, the spectrum of players that could put this driver in play is arguably much wider. Higher handicappers will appreciate the forgiveness on offer while faster swingers might find their timing and accuracy improves with a heavier clubhead.

What do the z355 and z545 drivers look like?

The Z355’s 450cc driver head has the classic black glossy finish, which contrasts nicely with the bright red Miyazaki Jinsoku shaft. Considering how similar the Z355 and Z545 drivers look at address, the Z355 presented some of the same issues for me.

Will the Z 355 head suit you?

Will suit Those who prefer a traditional look to their driver, as well as a combination of distance and forgiveness. GM verdict The Z 355 head is more rounded than most others on the shelves.

What do you think about the Srixon z355?

Srixon has introduced its newest driver, the Z355. Having recently just tried a Srixon driver for the first time in the Z545, my expectations were high for the newest addition to the family. According to Srixon, the Z355 was developed as a driver for “massive distance, and the key technology that gives you that edge is Action Mass.”