Why choose Zevo golf clubs?

Why choose Zevo golf clubs?

With its patented innovations, Zevo is a perfect fit for golfers who want advanced technology at value prices. Zevo is recognized throughout the industry for its achievements in the research and design of progressive golf clubs.

Is Zevo owned by Goldsmith?

The company plans to market new products under the Zevo brand and incorporate Zevo’s technology in clubs sold under the Lynx, Snake Eyes, Goldsmith, Harvey Penick and Killer Bee names, according to a Goldsmith announcement.

What happened to Zevo compressor golf clubs?

Just as it was rolling out its Compressor clubs last year, Zevo became embroiled with the United States Golf Association over approving the size of the clubs and Zevo’s performance-enhancing technology. Eventually the association approved the clubs, said Hoffee, but the battle hurt the advertising campaign.

What makes Zevo unique?

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