How much does it cost to install a golf putting green?

How much does it cost to install a golf putting green?

At Duralawn® we take pride in providing the absolute best in quality and workmanship with all of our custom putting greens. The average golf practice putting green costs between $18 and $24 per square foot which includes the site preparation, custom design, professional installation and necessary hardware.

What is involved in building an artificial grass putting green?

The base preparation is the most labour intensive part of building artificial grass putting greens. from the area that will receive the crush, putting green and fringe. After the organics are removed it’s time to move the crush so it can be shaped into a world class putting green.

How to build a golf green?

Choose a location. Your green should be built on a spot that has sandy soil, plenty of sun and good drainage. The location must also allow for breezes to come through in order to keep the grass healthy. [1] Excavate the area of your golf green to a depth of 20 inches (51 cm).

How do you Sodd a new golf course?

Mark the edges of your green by sodding the perimeter with rougher grass. You may want to add a vapor barrier around your green before sodding to keep the surrounding area from sucking water away or adding water to your green. Buy your cups, pins and flags from a supplier of golf course equipment.