What is the ball positioning rule in golf?

What is the ball positioning rule in golf?

This ball positioning rule is the best practice for golfers to concentrate during the setup and to do so throughout their entire round. The golf ball position at address can change in different ways. For different shot or different golf clubs, the ball position and its distance can differ from the target (center, forward or back).

Should the ball be in the center of your position?

Actually, this competing rule states that the ball should be in the center of your position when you are performing your shot with a wedge and the short irons. Hence for each longer clubs, you need to move forward progressively as the distance to the ball increases.

What is the best ball position for putts?

The Solution: For ball position play it forward of the center of your stance. Most good players will play it about 2 inches inside their front foot, but experiment with how far forward you play it to see what gives you the best top spin roll. Ball position is all about putting optimum roll on the ball and that means not hitting down on the putt.

Where should the golf ball be placed when putting?

There are several schools of thought when it comes to finding the ideal place to position the golf ball when putting. Some PGA professionals teach their proteges to always place the ball in the middle of the putting stance.