How did golf get to Bermuda?

How did golf get to Bermuda?

Golf was introduced to Bermuda when British Army officers brought their golf clubs in the late 1800s. Unlike tennis, golf did not get to the USA via Bermuda. In Scotland, UK, home of golf, the sport was introduced to the USA in the 1880s via the Dunfermline Golf Club to the Yonkers Golf Club and spread from the latter to all over the USA.

When is the best time to play golf in Bermuda?

While golf in Bermuda is played round the year and the flowing ocean breeze will keep you comfortable, the demand for golfing surges during the high season (April through October). This is the time when most tourists arrive at the island. So finding Tee time may not be all that easy.

Are Bermuda golf clubs private or public?

Most Bermuda clubs are private but three – Ocean View, Port Royal (Bermuda’s second best) and St. George’s (presently closed) are public courses owned by the Bermuda Government. All the latter three has a management committee, Board of Trustees and golf pros approved by the present government.

Are there any good golf courses on the island of Bermuda?

Its small handful of golf courses are of generally high quality, led by a perennial world-topp-100 golf course in Mid Ocean Club. This C.B. Macdonald masterpiece is integrated into the village of Tucker’s Town on the island’s northeastern coast, not far from its L.F. Wade International Airport.