What are the benefits of the xxio Prime grip Weight?

What are the benefits of the xxio Prime grip Weight?

That grip weight helps push the club head up through your backswing for a more consistent top of swing position. And as you begin the downswing, the weight brings your hands into position,keeping your arms closer to your body for a squarer face at impact. The Cannon Sole in XXIO Prime Fairway Woods and Hybrids improves launch and ball speed.

What is the xxio Prime?

Golf has a new golden standard: XXIO Prime. The ultimate in premium golf club performance, XXIO Prime’s advanced lightweight construction and faster head speeds work with your moderate swing speed to hit the ball higher, farther, and straighter. The XXIO Prime Driver, XXIO Prime Fairway Woods,…

What is the xxio Prime sp-1100 shaft?

The new XXIO Prime SP-1100 Shaft, with TORAYCA T1100G carbon fiber and NANOALLOY resin, is extremely lightweight to help produce more swing speed and distance with its smooth, easy-to-swing profile. The softer tip section also makes it easier to close the club face and strike the ball square.

What is the weight of xxio Prime hybrid?

XXIO Prime Hybrid MODEL LOFT LIE ANGLE HEAD WEIGHT CLUB WEIGHT 5 23° 60.5° 233 322g 6 26° 61.0° 238 326g 7 29° 61.5° 244 331g 8 32° 62.0° 250 336g