Why are they called hardwood golf clubs?

Why are they called hardwood golf clubs?

Woods are so called because, traditionally, they had a club head that was made from hardwood, generally persimmon, [1] but modern clubs have heads made from metal, for example titanium, or composite materials, such as carbon fiber.

What are hickory shaft golf clubs made of?

Old Vintage / Antique Hickory Shaft Wooden Golf Clubs In times gone by, golf clubs used to have cool and creative sounding names, not numbers, woods were made of wood and irons were made of iron, but all bore a hickory wooden shaft.

Who invented metal wood golf clubs?

Gary Adams, founder of TaylorMade Golf, is considered the father of the modern metal wood. Adams began to market his club in the late 1970s, but it was nearly a decade until metal woods became more popular with most golfers.

What are wooden golf club heads made of?

Most wooden golf club heads are made from persimmon wood which was considered the highest-quality golf club heads for those clubs referred to as "woods". Persimmon woods are still made, but in far lower numbers than in past.