What are the different types of golf rangefinders?

What are the different types of golf rangefinders?

Categorically, there are two major types of golf rangefinders (GPS and laser rangefinders), with the third one (optical rangefinders) not being so widely used. The following paragraphs will open your eyes to understanding how the different types of rangefinders work. You are most likely familiar with GPS use in your everyday activities.

How does a laser golf rangefinder work?

The laser golf rangefinder allows you to survey critical shots, and this positively enhances your accuracy by using a laser beam aimed at the target, like a pin which reflects back to the rangefinder to determine and calculate the distance.

Do people still use optical golf rangefinders?

An optical golf rangefinder is the first rangefinder device made for golfers. You might find some people who still use this device. It is used by golfers to measure the distance on the field. You can still fund these devices and use them to get accurate results.

How do optical rangefinders work?

In summary, this is how optical rangefinders work: Since it is like a monocular, use an eye to focus on the target to capture the distance, The device measures the height of the pin then changes it to distance on the inbuild pre-loaded scale. Use the focus button to zoom in.