What does a golf cart attendant do?

What does a golf cart attendant do?

The golf cart attendant works closely with the Assistant and Golf Professional on the outside golf operations to assure a smooth transition for members and their guest around the club. Primary responsibility falls on service to members, efficiency of cart loading, cart cleanliness, staging, and storing.

What is a golf cart girl called?

A golf cart girl is typically called a beer cart girl, beverage cart girl, or beverage cart attendant. They drive around the golf course in specially designed carts that are equipped with coolers and ice to keep drinks cold and storage for snacks. A beverage cart attendant must be 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license in most states.

How much do beverage cart attendants make?

Beverage cart attendants get paid by the hour, and according to salary.com, the average wage for attendants is around $11. And while it’s not the most lucrative job in the world, most attendants are able to top up their salaries with tips which can add significantly to the hourly pay.

What is a BEV cart Girl vs golf attendant?

Bev Cart Girl vs Golf Attendant – Any Difference? A bev cart girl is the same role as a golf attendant. Bev cart girls are responsible for serving food and drinks to golfers out on the course, just like cart attendants. Some courses advertise the role of bev cart girls, while others are looking for golf attendants.