How much does a custom paint job cost for a golf car?

How much does a custom paint job cost for a golf car?

Custom paint jobs cost a lot of money regardless of what the project is. We did some research and found that most customers paid around $400 for a high quality paint job on a golf car. Read More >> What Are The Best Spray Paints For Wheels & Rims?

Can you make my golf cart custom made?

Wanting to customize your golf cart to make it your own? We have custom bodies in stock, if you don’t see one you like we can have it made for you! Custom painted bodies for the following: EZGO RXVEZGO TXT Club Car DSClub Car PrecedentYamaha Drive

How to paint a golf cart?

Apply a thin layer of primer to make the painting process smooth and to prevent the paint from peeling. Use an acrylic spray paint or plastic spray fusion paint to paint the cart. Apply a base paint coat so that it gels with the primer. Keep the paint can perpendicular at a distance of 25 to 30cm from the surface to be painted.

What materials are used to make a golf cart?

Parts like suspensions, drive trains, motors and brakes use metal. The 1993 model Club Car used an indestructible thermoplastic resin known as ArmorFlex for its body material. You can opt for a three-stage process of either classic painting style or custom paint to make the golf cart body look unique.