What makes Adams Golf Hybrid golf clubs unique?

What makes Adams Golf Hybrid golf clubs unique?

With Adams using his golfing background and entrepreneurial skills, Adams Golf released some innovative hybrid technology while pursuing the game improvement, women, and senior golfer’s markets. The ultimate aim of the Adams Golf club design club was to make it easier for its target market golfers to get out of the rough.

What happened to Adams Golf?

Adams was the awesome little golf company that could, though, based on what sources told us about its financial situation, it couldn’t have much longer. And so, in 2012, TaylorMade purchased Adams Golf, its intellectual property and, for better or worse, its market share.

Is Adams Golf part of Adidas?

As a result, Adams was added to the corporation set of golf brands, such as Adidas Golf and TaylorMade–adidas Golf. TaylorMade assured that Adams’ headquarters in Plano, Texas, would remain.

Who bought out Adams Golf?

Remember TaylorMade back when it was still TaylorMade/Adidas bought Adams and all of its IP in the spring of 2012 for around $70 million. I recounted why that may have occurred here: Remembering the greatest club launches of 2011, which went into a deep history on slotted wood technology and the end of Adams.