How to hit a golf ball on wet turf?

How to hit a golf ball on wet turf?

To ensure that you hit the ball first and minimize the wet turf’s effect, aim for a spot on the ground an inch in front of the ball. Make sure the clubhead and your right knee reach the ball simultaneously.

How do you hit down on the golf ball?

To hit down on the golf ball, it is vital that your swing shallows out after making contact with the ball and has a negative attack angle at the point of contact. This should be achieved by rotating through the shot, rather than letting the lead hip forward slide forward.

Should you stand or stand when hitting a golf ball?

Standing on one foot causes you to hit down on the ball, which helps you to hit the ball first. When you hit a fairway iron your clubhead should strike the ball first, and then continue downward to take a divot. Try to sweep the ball off the ground without taking a divot when you hit a fairway wood.

Should you hit the ground first behind the golf ball?

It’s no doubt that hitting the ground first behind the ball is a horrendous shot and may even make you look foolish on the golf course. The main reason for hitting behind the golf ball is weight transfer.