Are all golf players the same height?

Are all golf players the same height?

See, not all golf players are the same height. Golf clubs on the other hand are made to accommodate people who vary in height. There are standard sized clubs that are said to accommodate a wider height difference.

Why is it important to find the right size golf clubs?

Finding clubs whose height is correct allows you to reap all the benefits that the golf clubs were designed to offer. The right posture, swing speed, abilities on the golf course, and golf club height combined is the perfect recipe for winning any game. Here’s a detailed chart to give you a glimpse of how to determine the right golf club size.

What size Golf Club do I need for my height?

For heights 5ft 9″-6ft”, the standard length golf club is what should be used. For heights over 6ft, add 1/2″ for every 3″ of height from the standard length golf club (35″). Making sure to use the right golf club for your height is so important!

How to choose the right golf irons for your height?

To choose irons for your height, Golf Monthly recommends using the golf club size guide below: Wrist-to-floor measurements are also getting increasingly common, while a growing number of golfers are also using golf club chart cross-referring height and wrist-to-floor measurements.