Did Phil Mickelson gamble with Detroit's Biggest Bookie?

Did Phil Mickelson gamble with Detroit’s Biggest Bookie?

Previously unreported gambling allegations outlined in a trial transcript filed in federal court in Detroit link Mickelson with one of the biggest gamblers in Detroit history, “Dandy" Don DeSeranno, who also handled bets for big shots as a Las Vegas casino host and bookie from 1994-2002.

Did Grosse Pointe bookie cheat Phil Mickelson out of $500k?

Detroit — A mob-connected bookie from Grosse Pointe Park handled lucrative bets for Phil Mickelson and was accused of cheating the PGA Tour golfer out of $500,000, according to federal court records obtained by The Detroit News.

Why is Phil Mickelson not playing in the Detroit Open?

Mickelson confirmed after his 3-under 69 Thursday at Detroit Golf Club that he doesn’t see himself returning to the tournament because of an article published earlier this week in The Detroit News titled, “Lefty and Dandy Don: How a Grosse Pointe bookie allegedly cheated Phil Mickelson.”