Should your golf stance be the same for every club?

Should your golf stance be the same for every club?

Every time you do that you’re having to move the ball further and further up. Again, you’re introducing a ton of variables into your golf swing that are completely unnecessary. Your golf stance should be the same for every single club in the bag, because what we’re trying to do is meet the requirements that I just gave you for golf stance.

How do you hit the golf ball cleanly?

And to hit the golf ball cleanly with a crisp, solid strike, the ball has to be in a position that’s gonna allow the club to do that without hitting the ground first, of course. That seems pretty common-sensical.

How to hold a golf club properly?

To get into the correct position, stand tall and hold your club straight out in front of you – upper arms brushing your chest. Now bend your knees as though about to sit on an imaginary stool or shooting stick a couple of inches below your butt. Then simply hinge forward from the hips until the clubhead lightly touches the ground.

When should you change the ball position on a golf club?

Given that we always want to hit the ball just before the club reaches the natural low point of its arc, and that this point will be the same for every club in the bag, there is no reason ever to change the ball position.