Why is soccer considered the most boring sport?

Why is soccer considered the most boring sport?

Other sports are simply boring because they feature a long time of little action, sometimes hours, then just a few minutes of actual action. Soccer games rarely result in more than a few goals which take second each leaving the other time for watching players kick the ball around and run.

Is Ernie Els the most boring person in sports?

The characteristics that make Els among the most likable in sports are the same characteristics that also make him among the most boring. Golf fans are quick to root for Els when he finds himself leading on a Sunday, but completely forget about him when he fails to make a cut.

Is golf the world’s most boring sport?

More info One of the world’s most popular games has been revealed to be the most boring. The Mirror report that golf has beaten the likes of bridge and chess to be officially crowned the most boring sport.

What are the most boring sports to watch?

The Most Boring Sports to Watch 1 Fishing 2 Canoeing 3 Bowling 4 Ballroom Dancing 5 Crown Green Bowling 6 Running 7 Darts 8 Billiards 9 Weight Lifting 10 Curling More items…