Is the jpx-850 more forgiving than the JPX ez?

Is the jpx-850 more forgiving than the JPX ez?

Much like the JPX-EZ, the JPX-850 isn’t impressive in the subjective categories, but it is forgiving iron. I’m left to believe that it is less forgiving than the JPX EZ since Mizuno’s website still says that the EZ has the “largest sweet spot in golf.”

What makes the jpx-850 Forged irons so special?

The key to overcoming the typical limitations of forged irons is a stronger steel used in the forging process. By adding Boron, the JPX-850 Forged irons have a thinner, forged face than previous models released my Mizuno.

What are the Mizuno jpx-850 Irons?

The Mizuno JPX-850 are built to increase distance for plyaers in the mid-to high-handicap range. But these irons are not all about distance, Mizuno worked to create a distance iron in a more reasonalbly sized head and to retain feel and workability.

Is the jpx-850 big or small?

The JPX-850 is big. As you can see, the top line is enormous, and there’s a lot of offset. The sole isn’t massive and the blade isn’t super long from heel to toe, but overall it’s still in the same category as the PING G series and other SGI irons.