Why do some golfers have a stiff swing?

Why do some golfers have a stiff swing?

They’re aware of being in certain positions with their swing and make it into a sequence, but it becomes very stiff and restrictive. You need a real golf swing if you want to add distance. Start by standing over the golf ball and let your arms feel heavy.

How do you calculate swing speed in golf?

For example, if your average drive distance is 198 yards, your usual clubhead speed is 198 divided by 2.3, which equals around 86.08 miles per hour on the course. When it comes to measuring swing speed in golf, there are a variety of ways. The prices of these radars vary from a few hundred dollars to more than a thousand per piece.

How can I increase my swing distance without swinging faster?

Just by improving your impact, you can gain distance without swinging any faster. The Fix: One of my training exercises is to practice what impact looks and feels like. Take a 7 iron and get into your set up. Then without taking the club back, go into your impact position.

How to gain distance on the golf course?

The top 10 ways to gain distance regardless of your skill level. 1 1. Center Contact. Center contact is so important for golfers. It makes the shot feel great and it is where you optimize your distance. There are two … 2 2. Swing Faster. 3 3. Shaft Lean. 4 4. Longer Hand Arc. 5 5. Use the Ground. More items