Does Alaska Airlines allow golf clubs as checked luggage?

Does Alaska Airlines allow golf clubs as checked luggage?

Alaska Airlines will count your golf bag as checked luggage and is subject to their typical fee, which is just $25. That said, the airline does waive all oversize and overweight fees that would otherwise apply to larger pieces of luggage. They recommend that passengers pack their clubs to keep them from being damaged. View Baggage Policy >>

How much does it cost to check golf clubs on United Airlines?

Cost To Check A Golf Bag With United Airlines United Airlines will charge $25 to check your golf clubs if it’s your first bag and $35 if it’s your second checked bag. If it’s over the 50-pound weight limit, an oversized baggage fee of $100 to $200 will apply.

How much does Allegiant Airlines charge for a golf bag?

For bags weighing more than 40 pounds, a fee of $50 will be applied. Allegiant Airlines specifies that your golf bag may contain clubs, golf balls, and shoes. Oversized baggage fees may be waved for golf bags exceeding the length limit, but NOTthe 40-pound weight limit. They recommend transporting your clubs in a hard-case golf travel bag.

Where can I find Alaska Airlines baggage policy and service fees?

Please visit the operating carrier’s website for a list of their baggage and service fees. Refer to your travel confirmation to determine which airline’s baggage policy applies. When Alaska Airlines baggage policy applies, the rules and fees below are in effect.