Who is Walter Hagen?

Who is Walter Hagen?

Born in 1892 in Rochester, New York, Walter Hagen is one of golf’s legendary players. Nicknamed “The Haig”, Hagen racked up 44 Tour Victories in his career, including 11 Major championships. Walter Hagen is a house brand for Dick’s Sporting Goods. Walter Hagen Golf Clubs (eBay)

What are the signature golf clubs of Walter Hagen?

The company produces a range of golf clubs, including drivers, fairway woods, irons, hybrids, and putters. The signature clubs of Walter Hagen are named after one of history’s truly legendary golfers. "The Haig" had a confident walk and a notorious reputation for "living large," but he won 44 Tour victories and 11 majors during his career.

Does Dick’s own Walter Hagen golf clubs?

Walter Hagen Golf Company relocated to Detroit, Michigan in 1927. As the company established itself and began to experience success with newly introduced steel shafts, World War II put a damper on production. Dick’s Sporting Goods purchased the company and now sells Walter Hagen golf clubs.

Why choose Hagen golf apparel?

Inspired by the 11 Major championship wins of Walter Hagen, we design apparel for the perfect game. Our apparel provides you with a classic style that will work with you season after season. We provide you with the function and details important to golf with quality fabrics and finishes to last.