What is the French hickory golf championship?

What is the French hickory golf championship?

The French hickory golf Championship (francehickory.com) of La Société Française de Golf Hickory is one of the first tournament of Continental Europe and since 2009 involves Professional Golfers. The inaugural Championship during Centennial of Chantilly G.C. was remarked by never seen scores under PAR.

What is the Polish Hickory Open?

The "Polish Hickory Open" is organised as international Championship, inaugurated at First Warsaw Golf &CC in 2011 and since then sponsored by "Hickory World" – an organisation promoting hickory golf in CE since 1998.

What is the Hickory Open Championship?

"The Hickory Open" Championship is organised as the tribute to best players of the hickory era, playing historical length of the Preswick Old Course 3799 yards over 12 holes with only the originals hickory golf clubs and the game is based on original 13 rules of golf.

Why buy antique hickory golf clubs?

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