Who is the most hated golfer in the US?

Who is the most hated golfer in the US?

Douchebag Ranking: 96/100 Dave: Voted most hated golfer by his peers. That’s all the info I need. Douchebag Ranking: 91/100 Mel B: Without doubt an embarrassment to this nation.

Does this golf cheater know the rules?

This golf cheater will claim he plays by the rules, might even brag about doing it, and then you catch him improving his lie when his ball winds up on hardpan or behind a clump of grass in the rough. This golfer doesn’t mean to cheat, he’s not trying to cheat — he just doesn’t know the rules well enough to recognize it every time he breaks one.

What are the different types of golf cheaters?

We’ve all encountered people in those situations who, well, cheat. And most golf cheaters break down into common types: The Eraser; the "I-Would-Have-Made-That-Anyway" line dropper; the Balldropper; the Bumpers, Foot-Wedgers and Hand-Wedgers; the Sandbagger; the Play-By-Their-Own-Rulesers; and the Doesn’t-Know-the-Rules Guy.

Is there a notorious Cheater on the PGA Tour?

There is one notorious cheater on the PGA Tour, according to an anonymous Tour pro’s article in Golf Digest.