What is warrior golf club?

What is warrior golf club?

Since opening in July of 1999, Warrior Golf Club has grown to be the States premier semi-private golf facility.

Can you still buy custom warrior golf clubs?

Just like other Warrior clubs, their custom range was manufactured in Irvine, California, before the company filed for bankruptcy. Unfortunately, you can no longer buy custom Warrior golf clubs as the company is no longer operating. There are other options for you to consider if you’re looking for custom-made golf clubs today.

What happened to warrior golf clubs?

Today, if you’re looking for Warrior golf clubs, you can only buy them from sites like eBay and Amazon, and the used market is proliferating as the company no longer manufactures new clubs. While it’s a sad state of affairs, Warrior went bankrupt due to dwindling interest in their courses, as well as poor financial management from the top.

How many sets of Tees does warrior golf club offer?

Designed by Stan Gentry, Warrior Golf Club offers 5 sets of tees to accommodate every age, gender and handicap. The Championship Par 71 layout stretches from 6609 on the Black Tees to 4423 on the Red Tees with 7 miles of spacious concrete cart paths and rolling terrain.