Who are the best ping pong players in the world?

Who are the best ping pong players in the world?

Ma Long- best player right now. World Champion in 2015, World Championship semifinalist in 2009, 2011 and 2013, World Cup winner, Olympic Champion in 2016.Liu GuoliangKong LinghuiZhang Jike: Olympic champion in 2012Ma Lin: Olympic champion in 2008Wang Liqin: 3-time World Championship winnerWang Hao

What are the best ping pong balls to use?

Short Answer: Best Table Tennis Balls (2021)Best beginner ping pong balls: KEVENZ 3-star Orange (60 pack)Best seamless ping pong balls: XuShaoFa (XSF) G40+ 3-star WhiteBest celluloid ping pong balls: Nittaku Premium 3-Star WhiteBest tournament ping pong balls: Butterfly A40+ 3 Star

Who is the best ping pong player of all time?

Top 5 Famous Ping Pong PlayersMa Long. The achievements and professionalism of Ma Long make him one of China’s top table tennis players. …Jan-Ove Waldner. On October 3rd, 1965, Jan-Ove Waldner was born and became the most popular non-Chinese Ping Pong player.Ma Lin. …Wang Nan. …Deng Yaping. …

Which PING putters are valuable?

Collectible PuttersCollectible Scotty Cameron Putters. Apart from some very rare antique putters, collectible Scotty Cameron putters consistently achieve the highest prices in the collectible putter market.Collectible Putters from Ping. …Bling putters. …The Barth and Sons Golden Putter. …The Gem Spot OM 5 putter. …Hoya Crystal Putter. …Odyssey Gold Diamond Putter. …