Should you buy the Callaway ERC soft triple track golf clubs?

Should you buy the Callaway ERC soft triple track golf clubs?

On first look and feel, the Callaway ERC Soft Triple Track is clearly a premium ball and easy on the eye. As with all golf clubs, it’s hard to trust something you don’t completely like the look of. Pegged up, the ERC sits well.

What is triple track and how does it improve putting accuracy?

We’ve prominently featured Triple Track lines on the ball for improved putting accuracy. Triple Track uses Vernier Hyper Acuity to improve alignment compared to a regular side stamp alignment aid. Why Is Chrome Soft Unique and Who’s It For?

What’s new with chrome soft golf balls?

Now with our proprietary new Precision Technology, the Chrome Soft Golf Ball is longer through the bag while providing the signature soft feel that golfers love, plus our major-winning Triple Track Technology. Sign up to be among the first to receive exciting new product information, special offers, tour news & more!

What is Callaway triple track technology?

Callaway drew inspiration from Vernier Visual Acuity, a theory used for landing strips on aircraft carriers, to develop Triple Track as an advanced alignment technology. The tracks were good to line up when hitting driver but distracting on chips shots if the lines happened to fall diagonally or side to side on the top of the ball.