When can I play golf after orthopaedic surgery?

When can I play golf after orthopaedic surgery?

Orthopedic surgeons typically recommend that you wait at least 3 months before returning to low impact activities like golfing. But as every surgery and patient are different, the amount of time you’ll need before golfing again will be determined by your doctor. Exercise: Exercises are customized to you and are essential to your recovery.

When can I return to golf after a hip replacement?

When Can I Return to Golf after a Hip Replacement? We advise golfing patients to return to chipping and putting at about 4 weeks and begin swinging/driving 4-8 weeks, and finally resume rounds of golf between 8-12 weeks. Most importantly, patients are able to return to the game they love at the level of play they are accustomed to.

How soon can I exercise after a hip replacement?

In the first few weeks after a joint replacement, all the tissue that was dissected to get to the joint has to heal back together. And with traditional hip replacements, there is a moderate amount of pain with activity that prevents you from doing too much.

Why are hip and knee replacement tips so important for golfers?

With increased hip and knee replacements, and post-operative golfers staying active longer, we are inevitably going to see more golfers on the course. These tips are key elements in protecting that new hip or knee joint, and ensuring its stability through many rounds of golf.