What's the difference between the new fairway woods and blue driver?

What’s the difference between the new fairway woods and blue driver?

Like the Blue driver, the fairway woods have a low, rearward CG that makes them more forgiving than previous models, and their updated Velocity Slot gives their ball speed a boost — particularly on shots contacted low on the face.

Should I buy the Adams 3-wood or 5-wood?

Because of the higher loft, the 5-wood is easier to strike confidently and the ball will get airborne faster. With Adams® Tight Lies™, both the 3- and 5-woods offer great performance. With the Velocity Slot, Tri Sole design and Extended Face Technology, you will be confident hitting either.

What makes Adams golf fairway woods so good?

Adams Golf has made some great strides in game-improvement technology. It started with their Tight Lies fairway woods featuring a proprietary design that made it easier to get the ball airborne from all lies. Adams continues their tradition of making fairway woods that are easier to hit and provide maximum performance for any player.

When do Adams Blue Drivers come out in stores?

Adams’ Blue drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons will be in stores on April 3. See what GolfWRX members are saying about the Adams Blue line in the forums. The Adams Blue driver is the company’s first driver release since the 2014 XTD, but unlike that model the Blue is a game-improvement club made for higher-handicap golfers.