What wedge budget for a pitching wedge at 48 degrees?

What wedge budget for a pitching wedge at 48 degrees?

Three Wedge Budget for a Pitching Wedge at 48 degrees of loft: New wedge lofts: 52, 56, 60 wonder wedge. The bounce angles should be less than or equal to 8 degrees.

How do I Choose wedges for my short game?

Get fit for your wedges using the Cleveland Golf Wedge Fitting and Selector Tool. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we design wedges for specific player types so we can build them with the best technologies, sizes, and shapes for each golfer’s game. Choose the best wedges built for your short game with our high performing line of wedges.

Which wedge shafts should I use with my matching iron?

When I merge this process into wedges, the only wedge a “matching iron” shaft seems to be applicable (for the majority) is the gap wedge or the wedge that is predominantly a full-swing club. This is the club you hit full and maybe knock-down shots with, but you’re rarely trying to hit “flicky” spinning shots.

What are the best tips for fitting a golfer for wedges?

Here are some important tips for fitting a golfer for wedges that you will want to keep in mind. The lie angle is very important and needs to be properly set so that on ¾ to full shots the clubhead comes into impact with the face plane square to the intended target.