What do the flags on the Green mean?

What do the flags on the Green mean?

Golf flags usually indicate the hole number and location of the hole on the green, (front, middle, back). Flags, also known as pins, are an important part of golf.

What is the size of a standard flag?

Nominal Dimensions Standard Flags are 18″ x 13-3/4″ Junior Flags Nominal Dimensions are 7-1/2″ x 5-3/4″ Add to cart Please choose option to enable button.

What do the colors of the flags on the golf flagstick mean?

Often, the color of the flag on the flagstick corresponds to the overall position of the hole on the golf course’s green, which is standard on many golf courses. In most cases, a blue or yellow flag will symbolize a pin position or the hole’s location at the back of the green, depending on the situation.

What are the different types of golf Flags?

Plain flags, numbered flags, two-tone, full border and checkered flags (open center or full) are all available. Most of our golf flags come with a plastic “tube” to slide over the flagstick though many flags can be made with grommets as well.