What size Tee do I need for a 460cc driver?

What size Tee do I need for a 460cc driver?

First factor is the size and height of your golf driver. With today’s large 460cc club heads a longer tee is almost always required. As a general rule of thumb for standard shots, half of the ball should be above the face of the club head. This will insure upward angle of attack and good control.

How high off the ground should the tee be for a driver?

The ball should be highest off the ground for a driver. The general recommendation is that the bottom of the golf ball on a tee should be level with the top of the driver; for long and mid-irons, push the tee into the ground so that only about a quarter-inch is above ground. Correct Tee Height Depends on Club Used

How do you determine the right tee height?

Start to experiment with different tee heights and see what happens. Go low, medium, and then extremely high. You’ll begin to notice if you are striking the ball lower or higher on the face. You are looking for a general pattern; it won’t be exactly the same every time.

How high should a tee be for a 3-wood golf ball?

To achieve this height, golfers will need to use a tee longer than standard. For 3-wood and hybrids tee shots, you should look to sweep the golf ball. To achieve this sweep, golfers should leave one-half to one-third of the ball above the crown of the club for their 3-wood with the tee sitting about half an inch above the ground.