What is a punched Green?

What is a punched Green?

Greens that have just been punched will have hundreds of these small holes, typically spaced from one to two inches apart. Such greens are often referred to as "punched greens," and while many golfers can and do play on punched greens, some golfers prefer to avoid the putting surface during the punching period.

What happens to the aeration plugs after you punch the Greens?

Sometimes after punching of greens, aeration plugs are temporarily left behind to be cleaned up by staff. Brent Kelley is an award-winning sports journalist and golf expert with over 30 years in print and online journalism.

Why are punched Greens not popular on golf courses?

Those little holes can make for a bumpy, bouncy putting surface until the green heals, so punched greens are not popular with golfers, even though the process is beneficial to the golf course.

How long does it take for punched Greens to improve?

The punched greens will typically improve each day, but you can expect to have some difficult putting surfaces for at least the first three days after the process is finished. You shouldn’t let aerated greens spoil your round. Tom Watson shot a record round of 58 at his home course just a few days after the greens were punched.