What is the Road Hole bunker at the open?

What is the Road Hole bunker at the open?

The road hole bunker is deep and steep and can require a lateral exit, or even reverse gear. In 1979 Tommy Nakajima led the Open before becoming acquainted. He took four shots to execute his escape leading to the British press corps dubbing the bunker, ‘The Sands of Nakajima’.

Where is the original road hole at the open?

The original road hole is the 17th at St. Andrews. Originally a par-5, the hole now plays as one of the most iconic par-4s on the Open rota.

Is the road hole at St Andrews a thing?

Yes, this is a thing and it is on purpose. Welcome to the Road Hole at St Andrews, the infamous No. 17 that makes or breaks majors, as well as windows on occasion. So how did one of the most revered courses in the world end up with a man-made building making it look like a mini-golf contraption on the way to a clown’s mouth cup?