What is a golf ball?

What is a golf ball?

A golf ball is central to the game of golf. In fact, golf is all about the ball. Well, getting it into the hole in the ground.

Who invented the first golf ball?

Golf’s first professional, Allan Robertson, was considered the premier ball and club maker of his time, in the early 1800s. In 1835, at age 14, Tom Morris (later known as Old Tom Morris & the Grandfather of Golf) began working under Robertson at St. Andrews. The two worked together making featherie golf balls until the advent of the guttie ball.

When were Dimples first used on golf balls?

The mesh, reverse mesh and Bramble designs gave way to the dimple pattern first used in 1908. Learn more about Golf Ball Dimples and the Dimple Effect. Exhaustive golf ball design testing has been done with a multitude of different cores. At one point, a small sac of water was substituted for the rubber core.

What are golf balls made of?

The first golf balls were made of wood, which is why they are still called “woods” today. But these days, the most popular type of ball is a wound rubber core with a surrounding cover of winding thread. And although many people think that you should only buy new balls for your game, there are actually ways to clean old ones so they feel brand new!